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NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition

NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition (v20131228)
- by Brendan Bellina "Kaldor Silverwand"

The NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition is a collection of scripts, items, and UI modification that can be applied to the NWN2 Official Campaign in order to enable features of SoZ when playing the OC. This requires the NWN2 OC, MoTB expansion, and the SoZ expansion.

This collection is specifically designed for use with the NWN2 OC.

The author, Brendan Bellina (aka Kaldor Silverwand in the NWN2 forums and NWN2 Vault), is not in any way responsible for any use of the components in this collection. This collection is provided for free and without warranty. Grateful missives may be directed to

The Makeover can be applied either before beginning or after beginning the Neverwinter Nights 2 campaign. If applied after already beginning a campaign then the recipe books and Campaigner's Guide wlll not be available (these are not required anyway) and NPC's in already loaded modules will not be able to be spoken to except by the main PC.

Download the OC Makeover SoZ Edition here

biglos9d posted a play through of NWN2 using the OC Makeover on YouTube. The Makeover wasn't installed until episode 7 of the play through.


Many features involving death, resting, and crafting can be customized by editing two 2da files included with the Makeover with a text editor such as Notepad (on Windows) or TextEdit (on Macintosh). There is no longer a need to use the Toolset to customize the features. See section "Customizing the Makeover Features" below to learn how to customize the features.

Additions to Player Menu:
Options to open the Party Editor and the Player Chat are available in the Player Menu.

(The default player menu is condensed. If you prefer a slightly larger menu then navigate to the C:\Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Campaigns\Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign\UI folder and rename playermenu_popup.xml to playermenu_popup-small.xml, and rename playermenu_popup-large.xml to playermenu_popup.xml.)

Party Creation:
SoZ Party Creation is enabled. This allows up to 6 player created party members (one of which is the main PC) in addition to the standard OC companions. Party Members are created via the Party Editor option in the Player Menu. The Party Editor option can be accessed at any time. This is comparable to the guestbooks used in SoZ.

(The number of party members allowed can be altered by altering the Campaign properties using the toolset Campaign plug-in. Unfortunately this cannot be altered except by using the NWN2 Toolset.)

Enhancement of the initial provisioning chest:
There is a chest for provisioning in the initial room at the start of Act I. The chest has been enhanced to include the recipe books, a Campaigners Guide that explains features of the Makeover, a few coins of life, and recognizes the player classes introduced in MoTB and SoZ. The chest will provide equipment when opened by the main PC and any created party members.

Multi-classing Companions:
Companions in the OC can be multi-classed when leveling up. It is not recommended that you do this with Khelgar since he has special issues in the OC.

NPC Conversation enhancement:
All NPC's that have the standard spawn script (most of them) can be conversed with by any member of the party rather than just the main PC. Because most conversations in the OC are designed to be with the main PC only there may be bugs introduced by using party members for important conversations.

Death and Bleeding System:
When the game is played on Normal or higher difficulty mode the SoZ Death system will be applied to the party members. In addition an XP penalty will be applied to characters when they are killed. Party members will remain dead when killed and will be valid targets for resurrection. One exception to this is Amie who because of her special role in the OC cannot be resurrected once killed. Because the OC requires companions to be alive often during transitions and conversations unexpected behavior may occur if an OC companion is dead at such a time. Death will cause a permanent experience point loss to the character. The Coins of Life used in the SoZ will be available to be used to resurrect dead characters.

Playing in Easy mode will cause the death system to behave as it does in the unmodified OC except that there will be an XP penalty applied when dying. This XP penalty will not be enough to cause de-leveling.

Rest System:
The rest system implemented causes the party to rest for 8 hours. When the game is played on Normal or higher difficulty mode resting is restricted to once in an 8 hour period and restricted to natural areas. The Makeover does not implement the rest and wandering monster system used by MotB or SoZ. (Note: Resting is allowed in the final area of the game even though it is a manmade area.) The context menu provides a Meditate option that can be used to force rest a single character at any time.

Item Level Restriction:
Equippable enchanted weapons and armor can be restricted to use based on the level of enchantment and the level of the person attempting to equip the item. A person must have 2 levels of experience more than the level of enchantment. This is not a feature of SoZ but was added in the Makeover to attempt to keep the OC in balance.

Rechargeable staves, wands, and rods:
Standard staves, wands, and rods can be recharged by making them the target of arcane spells. This is not a feature available in SoZ. Nothing forces you to use this feature, but if you want to make it impossible to use then do not copy the folder Rechargeable Mage Items into the campaign folder.

Enhanced SoZ Crafting and Enchanting:
All items that can be crafted in SoZ can also be crafted in the OC using the existing workbenches in the OC. Items that require trade resources in SoZ to craft will require an equivalent wood or ingots found in the OC. Recipes are automatically placed in the Recipe Books, as in SoZ, however the recipe books are no longer cursed and can be given to any party member to carry. Also, unlike SoZ, recipes do not need to be in a recipe book in order to be used. Recipes and components will be randomly available in standard OC stores. The recipes and components are added to the store inventory only the first time a store is opened. Each store has a 66% chance of having recipes and components. There is no guarantee that all recipes and components will be available, but with the high number of stores in the OC it is likely that all recipes will be available somewhere. Items are normally limited to 3 enchantments unless the caster is an epic caster (> 20 levels) in which case 4 enchantments can be applied. Several item properties no longer count against the number of enchantments, including: light, visual effects, racial/class/alignment restrictions, and penalizing properties (curses). Masterwork items (identified by tag ending in _mast) are no longer penalized by having one fewer enchantment allowed. The inherent properties of items based on their material type will no longer count against the number of enchantments on the item (this is based on the standard tag names and is not guaranteed to work with non-standard items).

When enchanting the spell caster level is calculated using the class levels and the Practiced Spellcaster feat.

Warlocks can craft using the Imbue Item feat when minimum UMD is met.

A few stores are guaranteed to have SoZ items:
- Branson's Shop in Highcliff will have low level recipes and common crafting components
- Simmy in Old Owl Well will have healing items, medium level recipes, and common crafting components
- Nya in Port Llast will have healing items, medium level recipes, and rare crafting components
- Mage's store in Blacklake will have healing items, high level recipes and rare crafting components

A number of additional items that were intended to be craftable in SoZ but were not due to bugs and/or missing recipes or items can also be crafted. These include:
- Acid Bomb
- Fire Bomb
- Bracers of Armor +4
- Gauntlets of Dexterity +2
- Adamantine Breastplate
- Poison Bolts
- Darksteel Darts
- Darksteel Shuriken
- Darksteel Throwing Axes
- Cold Iron Halberd
- Darksteel Halberd
- Adamantine Scythe
- Cold Iron Scythe
- Darksteel Scythe
- Mithral Scythe
- Silver Scythe

Fixed crafted items include:
- Adamantine arrows (added magical +2 damage)
- Adamantine bolts (added magical +2 damage)
- Poison arrows
- Mild poison arrows

All SoZ Enchantments are available. Only enchantments that are available in the OC are available in the Makeover.

Clock/time display in the Player Menu:
The sun/moon clock is displayed in the Player Menu.

Companion Conversations updated so that you can take their gear even when they are not currently in the party.


Customizing the Makeover Features:

The behavior of the rest system, death system, and Item Level Restriction system can be customized by editing the 2da file "C:\Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Campaigns\Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign\NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition\mo_oc_options.2da".

The behavior of the crafting system can be customized by editing the 2da file "C:\Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Campaigns\Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign\NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition\SoZCraftingPlus\SoZCraftingPlus_options.2da".

Each of these files can be edited using a standard text editor such as Windows Notepad (just start Notepad and drag the file to edit into the open Notepad window) or Mac OS X TextEdit (just drag the file to edit onto the TextEdit application icon in the Applications folder or Dock). These files are read when when a module is loaded, so it is recommended that you save your game before editing them and then reload your saved game after editing them. A 2da file is simply a spreadsheet-like text file containing rows and columns. Each row has an integer identifier, starting with value 0, and several columns of data. The columns are delimited by spaces. While they can be edited using the toolset, the author does not recommend that.

In each file the columns are:
- Row ID (For NWN2 2da's the ID column has no column header)
- LABEL - this is the name of the feature. These must not be edited.
- ENABLED - This indicates whether a feature is enabled ("1") or not ("0") or enablement is not relevant ("****").
- VALUE - An integer value that is relevant to the feature. If no value is relevant then the column will contain "****".
- DESCRIPTION - A complete explanation of the feature, its allowed range of values, and its effect on game play.

The rows in the default mo_oc_options.2da file are:

0   GAMEDIFF              0        0      "GAMEDIFF adjustment: 1 for knockout death and no death penalty and no rest restrictions; 2 for knockout death and no rest restrictions)"
1   MIN_HR_BETWEEN_REST   1        8      "Minimum number of hours required between resting (ignored in very easy or easy Game Difficulty Mode or when GAMEDIFF = 1 or 2)"
2   NATURAL_RESTING_ONLY  1        ****   "Restrict resting to natural areas (ignored in very easy or easy Game Difficulty Mode or when GAMEDIFF = 1 or 2)"
3   KNOCKOUT_DEATH        0        ****   "Use knockout death system (automatic when Game Difficulty Mode is set to very easy or easy or when GAMEDIFF = 1 or 2)"
4   XP_DEATHPENALTY       1        ****   "Apply an xp death penalty when a party member dies (ignored in very easy or easy Game Difficulty Mode or when GAMEDIFF = 1)"
5   ILR_NWN               0        ****   "Enforce Item Level Restriction for all equipped items based on NWN value table (which is based on item cost)"
6   ILR_NWN_ADJ           ****     0      "Integer adjustment (positive or negative) to item value when using ILR_NWN"
7   ILR_NWN_DIV           ****     0      "Divide the required level by this integer when using ILR_NWN (0 is treated as 1)"
8   ILR_ENHBONUS          1        ****   "Use Item Level Restriction on Enhanced Weapons where minimum level required to use is Weapon Enhancement Bonus plus 2"
9   ILR_ENHBONUS_MULT2    0        ****   "Require 2*Enh Bonus levels rather than 2+Enh Bonus levels when using ILR_ENHBONUS"
10  ILR_ACBONUS           1        ****   "Use Item Level Restriction on Enhanced Armor where minimum level required to wear is Armor AC Bonus plus 2
11  ILR_ACBONUS_MULT2     0        ****   "Require 2*AC Bonus rather than 2+AC Bonus when using ILR_ACBONUS"

The most common user requests have been to disable the SoZ death/dying system, disable the XP death penalty, disable the rest restrictions, and disable the Item Level Restriction feature. By default these features are all enabled. The rows in the 2da file allow control over each of these settings.

GAMEDIFF (row 0) if enabled (ENABLED set to 1) and set to value 1 will replace the SoZ Death/Dying sysem with the Knockout system used by the unmodified OC, eliminate the XP death penalty, and remove the rest restrictions. If enabled (ENABLED set to 1) and set to value 2 it will use the Knockout system and remove the rest restrictions but leave in place the XP death penalty. If ENABLED is 0 then any value is ignored.

MIN_HR_BETWEEN_REST (row 1) and NATURAL_RESTING_ONLY (row 2) allow specific control over the rest system. If you wish to only disable the rest restrictions then change the value in the enabled column of these rows to 0. These rows are ignored if GAMEDIFF is enabled and set to value 1 or 2.

KNOCKOUT_DEATH (row 3) and XP_DEATHPENALTY (row 4) allow specific control over the death system. To use the OC death system enable KNOCKOUT_DEATH (ignored if GAMEDIFF is enabled and set to value 1 or 2). To disable the XP Death Penalty set the ENABLED column of the XP_DEATHPENALTY row to 0 (ignored if GAMEDIFF is enabled and set to value 1).

The remaining rows (5-11) affect the Item Level Restriction feature. If ILR_NWN (row 5) is enabled then ILR_NWN_ADJ (row 6) and ILR_NWN_DIV (row 7) can optionally have values, otherwise they are ignored. To completely disable Item Level Restriction set the ENABLED column to 0 for ILR_NWN (row 5), ILR_ENHBONUS (row 8), and ILR_ACBONUS (row 10).

The rows in the default SoZCraftingPlus_options.2da file are:

        LABEL                ENABLED  VALUE  DESCRIPTION
0       CONVERT_GOODS        1        ****   "Convert SoZ goods requirements to standard goods"
1       CONVERT_RARERES      1        ****   "Convert SoZ rare resource requirements to standard resources"
2       ENCH_ALLOW_SATCHEL   0        ****   "Allow satchel to be used for enchanting in place of mage bench"
3       CFT_ALLOW_SATCHEL    0        ****   "Allow satchel to be used for crafting in place of mage bench"
4       CFT_ALLOW_MORTAR     0        ****   "Allow Mortar and Pestle to be used for crafting in place of alchemist bench"
5       CFT_ALLOW_HAMMER     0        ****   "Allow smith hammer to be used for crafting in place of craftsman/smith bench"
6       XP_CRAFT_PCT         0        10     "Reduce crafter's xp by specified percentage of gold cost when crafting"
7       XP_ENCH_PCT          0        25     "Reduce enchanter's xp by specified percentage of gold cost when enchanting"
8       DESTROY_RECIPES      0        ****   "Allow the possibility of recipes being destroyed when used"
9       DESTROY_RECIPE_MIN   ****     1      "Integer minimum percentage risk (0-99) of a recipe being destroyed when DESTROY_RECIPES enabled"
10      DESTROY_RECIPE_MULT  ****     0      "Integer multiplier used in calculating risk of a recipe being destroyed. Higher numbers increase risk."

With these default settings:
- Soz recipes that require SoZ specific goods or rare resources will require appropriate bars and planks;
- mobile enchanting/crafting using the satchel, mortar and pestle, and smithhammer is not allowed;
- crafting/enchanting will not consume xp from the crafter/enchanter;
- and there is no possibility that a recipe will be consumed by its use.


Story alterations:

Ribsmasher can become a temporary henchman in several areas of Act II (Riverguard Keep, Temple of Seasons, the Gem Mines, and Shadow West Harbor).

Option to restore Shandra to life following her sacrifice in the Haven.

All four of Nasher's items may be found in the game, instead of just the boots (found in Highcliff) and ring (which can be purchased from Nya in Port Llast), and as indicated in their descriptions when all four are equipped additional enhancements are applied (both the cloak and gloves may be obtained in Act III: the cloak is in the dragon hoard and the gloves are given by as a reward by Kana for successfully trouncing the bugbears).

Rooms can be rented at the Alliance Arms Inn in Port Llast and the Moonstone Mask in Neverwinter.


Known limitations:

There is no Overland Map

There is no SoZ party conversation, although you may use any party member to speak to NPC's.

Party members should not be dropped when transitions occur, but just in case save often.

When new party companions are introduced to (or forced into) the party you may need to export player-created party members in order to add the companions to the party and then reimport the player-created companions. Exporting and importing player created party members can be done using the Party Editor.

Companions may pop back to life or stand when dead if they are involved in cutscenes. This may also affect player created characters. Save often.

You cannot resurrect Amie. Don't waste a coin of life on her. She's dead, Jim.  If you want to play a campaign with Amie try the author's Harvest of Chaos: King's Festival campaign. The MotB Makeover SoZ Edition also allows the possibility of altering Amie's fate and playing her as a party companion.

Before changing to or from easy game difficulty, save the game. Reload after changing the difficulty setting.



If you have already installed a version of the Makeover prior to v20101126 then prior to installing v20101126 or later versions you should navigate to the folder "C:\Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Campaigns\Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign\UI" and delete the folder "Multiclass companions". Starting with v20101126 it is no longer needed with the Makeover.


Special thanks to Marc Allard for significant help testing the crafting modifications.


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