Sunday, July 7, 2013

Silverwand Software

A collection of freely downloadable software developed by Brendan Bellina. This software is made available for download for individual usage only. It cannot be re-distributed, modified, or included in any distributed works without the express permission of the author.

Currently Active Software Locations

Silverwand Software (hosted at Google Drive) (all of my free software is available here)
NexusMods (filter search where uploader is KaldorSilverwand)

Software Categories

Web Browser Enhancements (Bookmarklets)

All Macintosh Software
- AppleScripts
- Dashboard Widgets
- HyperCard stacks
- Kaleidoscope Themes (Mac OS 9)

All Apple IIGS Software
- Hypercard IIGS stacks
- GS/OS Finder icons
- Generic Drive Images

Apple Users Group of Michiana (AUGM) newsletters

Yahoo! Widgets

Apple Dashboard Widgets

Baldur's Gate Enhancements - compatible with BG2 and BG1Tutu

Icewind Dale II Enhancements

Neverwinter Nights Mods and Documents

Neverwinter Nights 2 Enhancements

About this Page

I began publishing my software under the name "Silverwand Software" in 1982. I have always recognized that any success I have had writing software has depended greatly on the work and generosity of other software developers and engineers and so I have never charged anything for my work. Over the years I have used several distribution channels for my work, including, but not limited to: GEnie, America Online (AOL), personal websites hosted by various educational institutions I have attended and/or worked for, and public type-specific websites such as the Apple Widget Gallery, Yahoo! Widget Gallery, the Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault at IGN, and the NexusMod site. For various reasons most of these solutions have not withstood the test of time. My hope is to create a single publicly accessible repository for all of my work that will survive for the foreseeable future.

This blog post will serve as the launch page for my software. It will include links to more specific blog posts and those will include download links for the actual software. I will host the software sites that will not require accounts to download from. In the event that those services are retired I will try to relocate the software and then update the links on the blog pages.  One advantage of using the blog pages is that any comments or feedback people may have about a piece of software can be posted on the appropriate blog page.

Thank you for your interest.

Brendan Bellina
July, 2013

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