Saturday, March 23, 2013

Useful NWN2 Modding Resources and Forum Posts

I am going to use this blog page to keep track of the posts that are of most interest to me as an NWN2 modder.  Sometimes searching for a post just doesn't take you to what you hoping to find.

Some NWN2 websites:
NWN2 at
NWN2 Mac Free Forums
NWN2 Steam Forums
Neverwinter Nights series forums at

And those gone but not forgotten:

The original Bioware NWN2 forums at (d. 2013?)
The second Bioware iteration NWN2 forums at (d. Aug 24, 2016)
The Neverwinter Citadel site
The site
The original NWN/NWN2 Vault formerly at (d. 2013?)
The NWN2 Atari community forums
The site

Useful posts, resources, and such:

Online Patch catalog at http://neverwinterva...rements_tid=103
Manual game patcher: http://neverwinterva...-patcher-tnt220

Useful tips on other websites:

Tutorial - How to Design a Quest

Polished interior floors using water

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