Sunday, June 15, 2014

Icewind Dale II Enhancements

Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II are D&D based CRPGs developed following Baldur's Gate that also used the Infinity Engine. These enhancements that I developed are compatible with Icewind Dale II. Many other enhancements by other authors can be found at the Pocket Plane Group site.

Download my IWD2 enhancements collection

Description of my IWD2 enhancements:

BBBKBG: Book Bags - creates nine containers for books

BBQUIV: Arrow Quivers - creates nine quivers for arrows

BBQUIVB: Bolt Quivers - creates nine quivers for crossbow bolts

BBQUIVC: Ammunition Belts - creates nine shoulder belts for sling bullets and darts

B0SW1H51: Celestial Fury, Katana (based on Celestial Fury from BG2) - A uniquely powerful +3 katana

BBSW1H51: Celestial Storm, Katana - A uniquely powerful +4 katana

BBCLKBL: Cloak of Blending - Invisibility cloak that grants immunity to sneak attack and bonuses to hide and move silently

BBCRPL: Crate of Planar Rest - Allows access to a pocket plane of existence large enough to provide a small party a few hours of secure, if uncomfortable, rest.

BBDAGCM: Dagger of Meerclar - A uniquely powerful +3 dagger (inspired by the Elric of Melnibone novels by Michael Moorcock)

BBHLMBR: Helm of Brilliance - A gem adorned +2 AC helm that grants several spells and provides fire resistance

BBHLMDR: Helm of Dragon Scales - A +2 AC helm made from dragon scales that provides resistance to energy and magic attacks

BBPCKTR: Pocket Transmuter - A one-of-a-kind device that transmutes items to gold and vice versa (essentially a portable store)

BBRNGEST: Bright Evening Star, ring - Allows casting several light based spells

BBRNGNF: Ring of Natural Form - Provides protection from petrification and gender change, and allows a way for a wizard to return to natural form after being polymorphed. (Cannot be used by Druids)

BBRNGOC: Ring of Over-compensation - Allows wearer to polymorph to a Verbeeg once per day (Cannot be used by Druids)

BBRNGTEL: Ring of Teleportation - Allows the wearer to cast Dimension Door twice per day

BBRPENT: Rope of Entanglement - Allows the bearer to entangle an opponent three times per day

BBSCARDR: Scimitar of the Arch-Druid - A uniquely powerful +3 Scimitar

BBSHLFR: "The Hellfire Sword" - A uniquely powerful  +4 large sword that provides immunity to many spells, resistance to magic, and disables opponent wizard spell-casting abilities (inspired by the Hellfire Sword created by Mike Grell for "The Warlord", published by DC Comics).

BBSTAF11: Staff of the Archmagi - A uniquely powerful +3 staff that provides bonuses to intelligence, saving throws, and hit points, improved invisibility, protection from many spells, and the ability to cast many spells.

BBSW1NDL: Needle, longsword - A uniquely powerful +4 longsword (inspired by the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories by Fritz Lieber)

Special thanks to Westley Weimer, Armin Schaefer, Jon Olav Hauglid, the developers of Baldur's Gate and the Infinity Engine, and of course Gary Gygax.


  1. Don't know if you'll see this, but I'll say it none the less.
    THANK YOU for your work. I have been trying to find an IWD2 portrait pack to DL and install, for a week now and just can't find any decent ones. IWDEE, Baldurs Gate,, NWN, yes..IWD2?? NOPE. So I found this/your site as a result of this search and I'm pleasantly suprised. I found MORE than I was looking for and can't wait to try out your work.
    So big thanks for it all and the portraits..I can't understand WHY it is SO DIFFICULT to find these things. If I was familiar or adept with the tools to make them, I'd do it with the "Images" on the web, which there is an abundance of, just not ready to go packs for install.
    Thanks again and Cheers.

  2. I'm sorry I have no portraits, but I hope you find the items I created useful. You should consider giving NWN2 and its expansions a try as well.