Saturday, January 14, 2012

Making NPCs dance and sing

I've been posting NWN2 scripts in various places on the web for several years now. Unfortunately as time has passed some of those places have vanished. While I could and probably will post them at the NWN2 Vault site, I think it makes sense to start posting them here as well. Chances are Google isn't going away anytime soon, and even if I abandon this account it will likely live on for some time.

So here is a script that makes NPC's dance and sing. It is a heartbeat script that you put on the NPC. While it is based on an OC script, it is enhanced to allow singing, dancing, and playing instruments (flute, drum, and lute) with one script. I make use of this script in the Harvest of Chaos: King's Festival+Queen's Harvest campaign.