Sunday, November 6, 2011

Converting Harvest of Chaos to NWN2

Harvest of Chaos: King's Festival + Queen's Harvest
While my work on Gems of Power continued into January 2008, I continued to find myself yearning to release something with more substance than the Silverwand Sample Campaign and I knew that I was many many months from being able to release Gems of Power. So I turned my attention to a Dungeons & Dragons Official Game Adventure that I had had on my shelf since 1989 and had never done anything with: King's Festival by Carl Sargent.  King's Festival was an introductory module and its 32 pages included a plot, maps, and descriptions of two dungeon levels. I thought that using that source material I could quickly turn out something that would be fun to play. King's Festival is set in the land of Karameikos, so my lack of in depth knowledge of the Forgotten Realms was not a significant problem.

Harvest of Chaos World Map
During the time that I was developing the King's Festival campaign Obsidian released the Storm of Zehir expansion. This distracted me for some time, especially since I found that I enjoyed the party editor and the death system in SoZ and decided to rewrite my work on King's Festival to utilize them. Since it was clear from the Bioware forums that people also preferred the crafting system of SoZ I decided to look into utilizing that as well.

King's Festival was released in May 2009 and included most of the SoZ features. I did not include an Overland Map because it seemed like overkill for such a small campaign and the documentation available for building one was sparse at the time. I chose to allow any party members to speak with NPC's rather than using the SoZ Party Conversation system. I also included Amie from the NWN2 OC as a playable companion since she was dealt a bad hand in the OC.

I later expanded King's Festival into the Harvest of Chaos by adding the Queen's Harvest adventure content also by Carl Sargent. While Harvest of Chaos isn't a perfect match for the published materials, I feel that it represents a good balance between what can be done in tabletop play and what can be designed with the toolset. Like any Dungeon Master would be expected to do I expanded upon the written content to some degree, providing some further explanation as to the actions of the main characters and filling in some blanks, but left the major plot points as written.

After I released King's Festival I was ready to turn my attention back to Gems of Power development. Little did I know that my work adapting the SoZ death system, party editor, and crafting systems for King's Festival would lead directly into my next project, one that would result in my playing all the way through the OC a second time (something I swore I would never do) and developing one of the most popular mods for the OC: the NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition.

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